Robotics and Automation



Robots can perform dangerous, demanding and dirty jobs that are impossible or unsafe for people to perform. They are also increasingly being used to improve productivity, quality and global competitiveness. Hazards associated with robots are well recognized, but the sources of the hazards are frequently unique to a particular robot system. CAN/CSA- Z434 Industrial robots and robot systems is a voluntary standard that applies to the manufacture, remanufacture, rebuild, installation, safeguarding, maintenance and repair, testing and start-up, and personnel training requirements for industrial robots and robot systems. The 3rd edition of the standard went through extensive review and revision and was released in 2014

OHS Regulation 12.83 – the design, use, programming and training must meet the requirements of CSA Z434-94. There is an updated version of this standard, CSA Z434-15 which harmonizes with ISO 13850 with regional differences. An industrial robot or robot system must be installed, safeguarded, maintained, tested and started, used, programmed and workers trained to meet the requirements of (a) CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z434-94, Industrial Robots and Robot Systems — General Safety Requirements, or (b) ANSI Standard ANSI/RIA R15.06-1992, American National Standard Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements.

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