Mechanical Engineering

Edmonton Engineering Services offers a full range of services in the mechanical engineering discipline, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mechanical engineering is often referred to as the Jack-of_all trades. in the engineering disciplines. It is the most diverse engineering occupation. We live in a physical world that requires mechanical engineering solutions to our physical problems.

We could love to help you with:

  • Product Design -- developing products ranging from biomedical devices to gasoline-powered engines. A mechanical engineer designs anything that uses mechanical motion.

  • Research and Development -- discovering new solutions to human needs or improving older methods.

  • Manufacturing -- developing the machines that process materials into products. Designing and building machines and systems of machines that improve operating efficiency is of prime importance.

  • Systems management -- overseeing operations of a large system, such as a power plant, as well as supervising the people who work there.

  • Energy -- planning how energy is generated, stored, and moved. Industries that produce and deliver electrical power, such as natural gas, oil and alternative energy, employ mechanical engineers to develop more fuel-efficient cars, motors, and appliances.

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